Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Data plan "unlimited internet for phones" dead on iPhone

Yesterday I lost my data plan from T-Mobile.
I read about people successfully using iPhone with $10 "unlimited internet for phones" which used to be t-zones. So I finally decided to try to enable data plan "unlimited internet for phones" and O! miracle, it worked with iPhone. While I wasn't sure about benefits of having EDGE slooooooow internet on the phone but it worked OK for emails, checking weather while waiting for green light on stoplight, I even checked couple web pages while waiting. I was trying to justify the cost of $10 a month because I have internet at work, I have wifi at home and my in-laws friendly neighborhood, so there it was - it's just 30 cents per day for ability to go online anywhere... But I kept thinking how long it will take for T-Mobile to figure out iPhone users and close this hole. So it happened; yesterday I wasn't able to access web to check e-mail, wheather. First I decided that it was outage due wheather (we had storm in area), but then I tried to open Safari and got message:

It was very good enough reason to login to my account and cancel data plan.
So T-Mobile lost $120 a year extra I would pay them for service I barely used.

you can see the message offering to buy $60 webConnect data plan here:

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